The United States Federation of Small Businesses, Inc. (USFSB) is a well known, strong and highly respected national membership association of small businesses for small businesses. USFSB is comprised of general businesses, professionals, and self-employed individuals located throughout the United States and abroad.

USFSB was founded in 1983, by small business owners, in order to advocate for the rights and interests of small businesses and the self-employed. Our Mission has been and continues to be to help our Members grow and prosper by joining together and, through our collective strength, effectively advocate for small business interests before our local, state and federal lawmakers. USFSB also uses the strength of its membership to help provide our Members with comprehensive and affordable health insurance as well as quality benefits, products, and services at a discount.

USFSB provides our Members with a readily available support system that gives personal attention to our Members' business problems and concerns through our highly trained staff, our small business portal, and our many benefits, products and services.

USFSB recognizes that the needs of our Members are constantly changing. USFSB continues to meet those needs by providing valuable assistance to our Members. We constantly seek out new and more advanced products and services at the best possible prices for the benefit of our Members.

Membership in USFSB has proven to be a useful and valuable asset to any business. Our Members trust that the information, help and support provided by USFSB enhances their chance to obtain success and prosperity.

Thousands of hard working business owners and their employees have joined USFSB. Membership continues to increase as word spreads about the sound economic advantages that are gained by joining USFSB. Now, more then ever, USFSB Members are enjoying the largest array of benefits that can make doing business easier and more profitable.

In furtherance of our Mission, USFSB has developed this unique business web portal that is unlike anything presently available to small businesses on the Internet. The USFSB Business Portal is a comprehensive Resource and Support Center for our Members. Through our strength in numbers, the USFSB Business Portal is truly a global Community Center for our Members.

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