USFSB can help you do more than just brighten your smile. USFSB now offers its Members affordable dental insurance.


USFSB offers its Members two nationwide dental plans with First Ameritas that provides affordable dental health products and services and helps you achieve and maintain good dental health.

PPO 100/80/50 offers Preventative, Basic and Major services with $50 combined deductible on Basic and Major services with an annual maximum benefit of $1250 per calendar year per person.

PPO 100/60 offers Preventative and Basic services with $50 combined deductible on Basic and Preventative services with an annual maximum benefit of $750 per calendar year per person.

Both plans allow you to use a First Ameritas dental provider or the freedom to use the dentist of your choice.


At USFSB, our Member Advocates will help you decide which plan is best for you. Offering dental plans that work for our members and supporting those plans with efficient, informed, accessible service is what we're all about.

First Ameritas provides:

  • State-of-the-art electronic claims system - designed specifically for processing dental claims - easily handles dental plans with customized benefits, deductibles, maximums and coinsurance levels.
  • Average turn-around time for processing claims is just 5-10 business days.
  • Dollar accuracy of processed claims consistently exceeds 99%.

There is no reason for poor dental health. With all the advances in dental care, regular checkups and proper dental maintenance, no one should suffer from tooth decay or dental disease. By participating in the USFSB dental program, you have the opportunity to make regular checkups much easier and less costly.

Attracting and keeping good employees is essential for the success of any company and a good benefit package is an important part of that success. Dental insurance is the #1 preferred voluntary benefit by employers and employees. Members have realized the importance of dental insurance in keeping employees on the job (improved health and fewer sick days) and in recruiting employees. Employers have learned to appreciate dental coverage as an extremely important benefit in helping employees care for their families.

For more information about this valuable and important insurance benefit, please call 1-800-637-3331, M-F 10AM-5PM ET.

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